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NON-UNION.          LONG BROWN HAIR.       HAZEL EYES.   5’4”


Aleksandra Vujicic,Talent Agent - 905.220.1288    Marilyn Misaljevic,Talent Agent - 416.998.1212

A young, professional and versatile performer known for taking direction well and picking up choreography quickly. With a charismatic personality and extensive training in many genres, Andrea is a director's dream and a producer's joy bringing their vision to life through both acting and dancing.


Fear thy Neighbour, S.9 Ep. 913           Actor/Arianna                      Bad Move 9 Productions

The Tea Party - short                             Actor (Queen of Hearts)      With Grace Productions

Little Girl, Big Imagination mini-series  Dancer/Director/Producer   Andrea Matei Dance

Fear thy Neighbour, S8.Ep. 804            Actor/Laney                         Bad Move 8 Productions
Sara Snow and the 7 Dancers              Lead/Sara Snow                  With Grace Productions
Pieces of Our Past – student film          Narrator                               Ismailova Theater of Dance
A Dance with Cinderella                       Lead/Cinderella                   With Grace Productions


Stage/Live Performance

Inhale                                                    Performer/Dancer                 NLC Dance Company (Debut Show)   
Monet                                                    Performer/Dancer                 Youth Assisting Youth Org, Ismailova Theater of Dance
Journey with The Wind                          Mei (actor/dancer)                Ismailova Theater of Dance Immersive Outdoor Production
The Nutcracker                                      Performer/Dancer                Toronto International Ballet Theatre
Perfidia                                                  Performer/Dancer                Toronto International Dance Festival

IDO Worlds in Poland                            Performer/Dancer                Team Canada Dance

Dance Competitions & Recitals            Solo/Duet/Trio/Group             North American Regionals and Nationals   

Music/Dance Videos

Rise                                                       Dancer                                   Mute Sounds Band/TO Photograpy

In Dreams                                              Dancer                                  TO Photography/ Melanie DeMelo

J Lo - Halftime                                       Dancer                                  Boss  Dance Company/Leah Totten

Skatepark Dancing Fun                         Dancer                                  TO Photography/Leah Totten

Kids Again                                             Dancer                                  Pilkington Photography/Nicole Clinton

Chemistry Promo Video 2                      Dancer                                  Chemistry Dance Competition/Kareem Byfield

Chemistry Promo Video 1                      Dancer                                  Chemistry Dance Competition/Kareem Byfield


Making Progress                                    Contemporary Solo              Breaking Boundaries Movement

When the Party's Over                           Contemporary Solo              Breaking Boundaries Movement
Everything I wanted                               Contemporary Solo              Breaking Boundaries Movement

Lovely                                                     Open Solo                           Young Creators Challenge
Bloom                                                     Contemporary Solo             Kismet Challenge-Destiny Dance Comp 


Inside Out – Youth Programming           Multiple roles (teen)              LD Creative/Barrie Police
Improv Challenge - Online Promo          Dancer (SOC)                      Fluid Entertainment
The Longest Day of Smiles - TV PSA     Car Wash Girl (SOC)            Motion Pictures/Mission Fundraising


Prantz Dancewear                                 Dancewear model                Creativespades/Prantz Dancewear


Altaire Gural                                           Private Coaching (2023)                                    Altaire Gural

Armstrong Acting Studios                      Private Coaching (2022)                                    Andrea Runge
Armstrong Acting Studios                      Core Acting Junior II (2021)                               Andrea Runge
Armstrong Acting Studios                      Core Acting Junior I (2021)                                Sharon McFarlane
Armstrong Acting Studios                      Intro to On Camera Performance (2021)           Ann Pirvu
Kim Hurdon Casting                              Youth Animation Workshop (2021)                     Krystal Meadows
Max Talent                                              Intro to Acting (2019)                                         Rolston Rye



Impetus Movement                               Film Series Vol 3 (dance on camera)                   Contemporary

Canadian Dance Unit                           Competitive Dance Training (ongoing)               Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acro, Lyrical                                                                                                                                              Contemporary/Modern, Hip-Hop

The Renegades                                    National Competitive Crew (ongoing)                 Hip-Hop, locking, popping, house 

Genesys Gymnastics                           Tumbling for Dancers (2021/2022)                      Tumbling

Boss Dance Company                         Artist Training & Mentorship (2022)                      Commercial/Hip-Hop

NLC Dance Company                          Professional Performing Company (2021/2022) Contemporary/Lyrical/Jazz

Stepanova Ballet Academy                 Summer intensives (2019, 2020)                          Ballet


Various Dance Workshops:                           

Jump, Nuvo, 24/7, NYCDA, Move, Canadian Dance Expo, Northern Movement, Acro Alliance, Matricks, Rutherford Movement, Monsters of Hip-Hop, Rhythm2Dance, Dark Dance, Breaking Boundaries Movement Choreography Workshops, In-light-in by FlowXS, Creo Dance Movement (choreographer assistant), SOL Dance Collective (Core Assistant) The Spotlight with Amy Wright, Canadian National Dance Intensive, etc.

Special Skills

Aerobics, Running, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Jogging, Swimming, Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop & Acro, Tobogganing, Trampoline, Yoga, Skateboarding, Piano (beginner), Recorder (beginner), Cycling, Singing: Pop & R&B (school choir)

Fluent in French (Speaking, Reading & Writing) – French Immersion Student. Intermediate in Romanian (spoken at home).


2023 - Nova Star Awards Winner in the Throwback Project Category for "A Dance with Cinderella" short film

2023 Nova Star Awards Nominee in the following categories:

            Student Film Actor/Principal and TV/Film Ensemble (The Tea Party)

            TV Series Actor (Fear thy Neighbour)

            Young Director/Filmmaker (Little Girl, Big Imagination mini web series)

            Commercial Ensemble (Barrie Police PSA)

            Throwback Project (A Dance with Cinderella)

2023 - Film Festival Recognition for Little Girl, Big Imagination: Films for the Forest (Finalist), Student      World Impact Film Festival (Finalist), Short Way International Short Film Festival (Finalist)

           Film Festival Recognition for The Tea Party: Official Selections at Cuckoo International Film Awards, Kidz First Film Festival, Toronto Teen Film Festival, Dances with Films LA. 

2022 – The Joey Awards: 8 nominations + 2 Awards.


2022 – Film Festival Recognition for Little Girl, Big Imagination: First Time & Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions, Wicklow Screendance Laboratory (Official Selection), Short Filmz (Quarter Finalist)

            Film Festival Recognition for Sara Snow and the Seven Dancers: Kids First (Official Selection), Cockoo International (Best Student Film, Critics Choice, Best Song), Dallas Shorts (Official Selection, Semi-Finalist), Fentress Films (Official Selection)

2022 – Nova Star Awards Nominee in the following categories:

            Short Film Actor/Principal + Ensemble (Sara Snow and the Seven Dancers)

            Live Theatre (Journey with the Wind)

            Student Film Performer (Pieces of our Past)

2021 – Nova Star Awards Nominee, Ensemble 8-11 (A Dance with Cinderella)

2021 – Think Short Film Festival official selection + film of the month winner (A Dance with Cinderella)

2021 – Monologue Slam, Semi-Finalist, Kids Category (The Invisible Man Monologue)



Numerous solo, duet/trio and group overalls at reputable regional competions through North-America

2020 – World Championships of Performing Arts, Semi-Finalist, Gold Medal (solo performance)
2018 – World Dance Championship, Team Canada Dance, Children Champions (2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze)
2017 – The One National Title 1st Runner Up Soloist, Orlando, Florida
2016 – The Dance Awards, Best Pewee Small Group, Orlando Florida


The New Tecumseth Times, Bradford Today, Pie Media Blog, Creative Teen Magazine, Teen Shine Press, Artells (cover), StyleCruze, Wandering Autumn, Top Teen (Cover), Teen Look Magazine (2), Inspiring Teens, More Than Dancers, Dent Model Magazine.

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